This a Tips and Tricks blog for using bitmaps and fonts with an Arduino board.

Especially the LED Matrix of Sure Electronics, both single color and bicolor versions.

The code was only adapted, the original provider of the code is written in the head of each function.

All the Bitmaps and Fonts are X-bitmap files,

The xbm files are coded in 8 line values, a pair of two values for 16 lines. 3 values for 24 lines and so on. The correct code of a xbm-file would like this:

0x07, 0x7E, // ### ######
0x0E, 0x66, // ### ## ##

The odd value is for the lower 8 lines, the even for the upper 8 lines. This example is from “The Dot Factory”, Gimp and I think all other xbm-files have first the upper value and then going down.

For the normal use of the Sure Matrix you need bitmaps and fonts in vertical MSB format if you flip the matrix you need horizontal LSB format


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